VectorLog offers economic and smart solutions in transport and logistics

With local, regional, or national service, the company is synonymous with agility and responsiveness to the needs of each client.

VectorLog is born from the best experiences in transport logistics and management: its founding partners and directors have been operating for over 20 years in transport and storage with the main focus on foreign trade, infrastructure, and technology.

Aiming at excellence in the provision of services, the company makes use of the most varied options for cargo transport, of all types and sizes, as well as guidance and projects in the administrative, planning, logistics, supplies, and people management areas.
VectorLog is present in the main customs areas in Brazil, as well as in strategic states.

Its complete infrastructure, integrated logistics, and highly qualified team are differentials that allow it to meet different demands, according to the needs of each client. The company takes intelligent and effective actions to directly meet your investment expectations.
To ensure an increasingly integrated management, VectorLog complements its solutions with strategic partnerships that contribute to meeting customer demands, developing projects, and implementing actions capable of reducing operating costs and promoting productivity gains.
With a talent for seizing opportunities, VectorLog offers transport, storage, and product distribution services. All this movement is a great sign of the economic future of Espírito Santo, the state where VectorLog is headquartered and makes use of the chain of direct and indirect suppliers.
VectorLog has options for cargo transportation of the most varied types and sizes, logistical guidelines and projects, planning, distribution, supplies, and team management.

The company’s mission is to overcome the obstacles identified by customers, with integrity, speed and practicality, and continuous focus. Working side by side with the client, seeking creative, innovative, and profitable solutions, essential for the excellence of the service provided and the achievement of results.

At VectorLog you will find:
Ability to treat the customer individually.
Customized account managers, with employees and equipment
dedicated in operations to meet the different demands of the
Dedicated technology for warehouse management and cargo transportation.
Punctuality in deliveries and constant cost reduction.

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