Vallor Trading: Smart solutions in international business

Maria de Fátima Alves Ueno - CEO

Vallor Trading specializes in international trade and offers the best import and export solutions to meet your company’s needs, ensuring safety, performance, and effective results.

Headquartered in Itajaí, in the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, the company is located at the heart of the state’s port and airport complex, with all the infrastructure to make connections to the global market, in a personalized and optimized way.

Through the special ICMS regime in the states of Santa Catarina and Alagoas, Vallor Trading obtains tax benefits that reduce import costs by up to 50%, making your business more competitive.

Among the services offered by the company, the modality of importation on behalf of third parties allows the complete monitoring of the cargo, from shipment, freight, insurance, logistics until it arrives at the final destination. In the import by order modality, our specialists are in charge of negotiating with suppliers, importing, nationalizing, and reselling to your company.

Vallor Trading also makes available, in both modalities, projects for special cargo, which guarantee agility, efficiency, and cost reduction.

The company’s main objective is to understand and boost your business within the international market, in an exclusive, differentiated, and efficient way.


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