International Business Magazine was born from the desire to bring together stories of men and women who make their enterprise a body capable of growing to be self-sustaining, and profitable. Since 2001, its team has been working with information obtained directly from the main stage of the business world, and the cooperation of International Business Magazine partners for the understanding of this hyper competitive universe, is, and always will be, fundamental for the achievement of our main objective: to inform the reader about techniques, strategies, and market trends. The tool? Stories of incalculable value, which reveal the accurate perception of people capable of making the best decision, and often experts in teaching other entrepreneurs to make the right choice. In this multi-way street, where readers are both learners and masters, integration is the main responsible for International Business Magazine’s success.

By consolidating this editorial philosophy, crossing borders around the world, it has become an urgent need, and at the same time, a natural evolution. Today more than 120,000 subscribers in 15 countries have access to free quality information, and this is only possible thanks to a complex organizational system that combines planning with online distribution logistics. But the grandeur of International Business Magazine goes far beyond technical rigour, it gives a voice to managers, be they small, medium or large in size, and always robust in excellence. It is to present examples of determination that support the growth of cities, states, and nations. For us, it is a pleasure to highlight these people, who promote the sustainability of many other individuals through the generation of jobs and important actions of social responsibility. It is this high managerial awareness, which International Business Magazine is keen to show and recognize, always.

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