Vivienda Armenia: Symbol of excellence in VIP lodging

Dr. José Marcelo Ortuste Gonzales

Vivienda Armenia is a Bolivian company that works with VIP lodging and business events of the highest standard. Diplomatic events and also with businessmen are promoted by the company, not only in national territory, but in other countries. The company was created in September 2021, the Vivienda building is unique, with characteristic Armenian architecture.

The company is owned by José Marcelo Ortuste Gonzales, also CEO for the business. The Project he created, from the start, is turned towards quality and well-being, not losing sight of their objective of providing the best service in terms of customer service.

Vivienda Armenia appreciates punctuality, a characteristic considered important for the success of any enterprise. With a highly-qualified staff, it provides quality service that lures in more clients and that is present in every step of the service.

Because it is part of a business group that acts in Bolivia and in other countries, Vivienda Armania follows statutes and function manuals that guarantee that the employees have all needed information to perform their duties. All these steps are taken to ensure excellence in customer care.

The company seeks to innovate taking into consideration the Sustainable Development, diversifying and creating new jobs, stable ones, promoting life quality to employees and guests alike. Respecting the law, the environment is always in mind at every project.

Vivienda is a part of Ortuste & Associates Business Group and a social responsibility plan was implemented. This plan is about students from public and private Universities, and it allows them to study Armenian Architecture. The project is not limited just to this area, however. Students of International Commerce and Business Administration, Hotel and Tourism can take part in workshops directed towards student education and practice, so they can have a real experience in their study area.             With these practices, the company has the support of both Bolivia and Germany Embassies, and also the Bolivia/Germany Chamber of Commerce help. Vivienda Armenia have been taking part in many events and still have a lot of work ahead of them.


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