Master Farmacêutica: Quality is the base of success

Alírio Oliveira - CEO & Founder

Master is a pharmaceutical industry founded on June 7, 2005, by Dr. Alírio Oliveira, headquartered in the city of Recreio, in Minas Gerais, the second largest state in Brazil.

In 2005, the factory starts the primary production of the first medical products. The company has technology for primary processing, analysis of raw materials, filling, and packaging. Master Farmacêutica is aware that quality is the basis of the success of each business and the key factor for productivity and competitiveness in the market. Master Farmacêutica’s manufacturing program consists of medicines for human use, in the presentations: solution, solid, for oral use, and gel, for vaginal use.

The production and control of drugs are carried out following the requirements of Anvisa licenses and other international standards, ensuring quality and strict compliance with environmental management standards. As of October 2006, Master obtains the AFE, a Medication License approved by Anvisa, with the certificate issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Also in 2006, the factory was rebuilt and modernized, improving capacities with new equipment for the production of solid pharmaceutical forms: tablets and sprays.

In September 2007, Master Farmacêutica certified its management system by the requirements of the standards of the state of Minas Gerais. The certification was also carried out by an environmental certification company, SGS from Zurich, Switzerland.

The first product registrations were categorized as Health Products and, as of 2009, some products started to be registered as herbal medicines.

The quality of Master’s drugs is regularly monitored by Anvisa, the Ministry of Health of Brazil, and the Faculdade de Farmácia, in the municipality of Recreio, in Minas Gerais.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing activities licensed by the competent authorities.

According to the manufacturing activities approved by the Ministry of Health, Master Farmacêutica is producing:

Pharmaceutical products in finished gels.

OTC, MIP products.

Herbal products in different dosage forms.

Documents issued by the competent authorities:

Authorization for the sale of medicines, issued by the Ministry of Health. The document is valid for five years, counting from the date of delivery of the issue.

Licenses for Medicines and Health Products issued by Anvisa and Certificate of Free Sale of Products for Export, issued by the Ministry of Health, attesting that the medicine is marketed in the country of the manufacturer and that it is produced according to the requirements of BPF (boas práticas de fabricação). This document is valid for three years from the date of issue.

AFE: Health Products Certificate, issued in 2004, by ANVISA.

AFE: Certificate of Medicines, issued in October 2005, by ANVISA.

Master regularly organizes the training and specialization of its employees through various seminars and training courses, in addition to the fact that different experiences are constantly exchanged with other companies that have made progress and implemented in the production area. Training is conducted by the person in charge of education, a position for which he is required to have qualification and knowledge, although it is also understood that education is an obligation of each employee and depends on the degree of development of the company in the area of GMP and BPL standards.

Master stands out in the market for its R&D (research and development) area, from where all the innovative products come from and the area that has collaborated to improve human health, especially in the area of women’s health.

What are Master’s plans in Brazil and abroad?

Over the past five years, Master has focused on R&D, developing innovative products based on hyaluronic acid. So it was with Lubrinat™️ , intravaginal gel for women in menopause, Brisajet™️ , nasal spray, which acts as a humectant, moisturizer and nasal fluid (product with patent), Glenfem®️, vaginal gel for women with dryness and/or atrophy vaginal and, finally, Rejuvemax®️, anti-aging facial gel with HA, vitamins C10% and A. We have completed this phase of strategic planning.

The Lubrinat™️ product will be launched in 28 more countries from the second half of 2021 until 2022 and will be marketed in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

How will be the operation in the USA?

Our main focus in the American market will be through Master Biotech Pharma, with the launch of Lubrinat™️ in two presentations. The menopause treatment market for women is $2.1 billion, a giant market compared to other markets.

Master has already set up a marketing and commercial structure to start the operation. We know that it’s a big challenge, but we know our potential.

Does Master have more news in its pipeline?

Yes definitely. We have five more innovative products for the well-being of society, with a focus on women’s health.

On behalf of the entire Master team, we would like to thank this Innovation Award granted by the renowned International Business Magazine, for the recognition of all of our efforts.

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