EVC Educacional: The consultancy that believes in Brazilian education

Carina Alves

With a solid presence in the education market, EVC Educacional has, for more than a decade, contributed to the advancement and improvement of the agenda in Brazil. There are dozens of educational institutions at the basic, secondary and higher levels, in addition to thousands of students who have already been able to prove the excellence of the consultancy provided, which reflects in the offer of quality courses and outstanding positions of the educational institutions in the evaluation rankings of the education in the country.

With a broad work portfolio and with innovation in its DNA, the brand reflects the boldness and competence that have always accompanied the professional life of its founder, professor Carina Alves. “We have expertise in the distance education and, aligned to the market analysis and new technologies, it allows us to promote solutions in the strategic and academic spheres, according to the demands of regulatory bodies and the reality of Education Institutions, whether  Basic Education or Higher Education, as well as companies in the elaboration of corporate universities or training and qualification centers.”, highlighted the executive director professor Carina Alves.

Among the differentials of consultancy are the market vision, innovation, the use of varied technologies to meet the diverse demands of the academic community; but, “above all, there is transparency in the relationship between our consultancy and the client. This is perhaps our biggest differential”, considered Professor Carina.


Right at the arrival of the Covid-19 virus, in February 2020, in Brazil, the academic community found itself in the sudden shift from face-to-face to distance education. This adaptation was certainly a great challenge for public school teachers and students. Attentive to this need, EVC Educacional offered the Online Teaching course free of charge to teachers of municipal public education networks throughout Brazil. The result of this is that hundreds of thousands of students have benefited from more didactic and better-prepared classes for the online universe.

Social Responsability

EVC’s mission is still to disseminate actions that reinforce social responsibility in the construction of a more just and egalitarian society. With this vision, the consultancy periodically promotes courses, webinars, lectures, and free training with a focus on improving didactics and teacher/student performance in the classroom and digital environments. In addition to these actions, EVC encourages the sustainable consumption of natural resources. “It is a job that our consultancy does both within the office, with our employees, and with society in general through the diffusion of environmental education,” said the executive director.

Mission, vision, and values

The company’s mission is to improve customer service in the provision of educational services in any area of ​​activity, to guarantee the reliability of the precepts contained in the legislation of regulatory bodies, integrating innovation, management, and a unique and expressive insertion in the market. In addition to working strategically to make its clients a reference in educational quality, management, and organizational development, it seeks to integrate their needs and expectations with innovations, legislation, and the reality of the segment.



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