Resinas y Reciclaje Rosales, working with Industries for better sustainable development

Max Rosales, Ana Rosales, Montserrat Estrada, Francisco Gonzalez, Eduardo Nuñez, Silvestre Negrete

Resinas y Reciclaje Rosales SA de CV is a Mexican company, with specialists providing solutions for the management, collection and processing of post-industrial plastic scraps, which become a recyclable raw material for the national and international market.

The main objective of the company is to create synergy with customers and suppliers, offering experience, contacts and infrastructure to reduce costs, obtaining profitable and sustainable business, always ensuring the quality of plastic materials and the environment.

Comply with applicable legislation to recycle non-hazardous material, IMMEX and clean industry regulation, meets all export requirements. With 12 years of experience exporting to the plastic industry in USA, Israel and mainly in Asian countries like China, Malaysia, India and Vietnam.

The company’s social commitment generates an impact on society and the environment, supporting those who need and want to improve, such as the Mexican Association of Paraplegia, quadriplegia and different skills in conducting its events, financial resources and medical equipment. The personal commitment is complemented by being part of the Rotary International network, where Rosales takes action to solve problems, allies to generate positive and lasting change in the communities of Mexico and countries abroad.

Resinas y Reciclaje Rosales is a company that believes and works together with the industry for better sustainable development and contribute to the environment.

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