Furacão Distribuidora: Commitment to quality

Wagner Christofoletti - Director

On the market since 1989, Furacão is today one of the distributors of the most important auto parts in Brazil, being the first in the electrical sector.

Headquartered in Campinas (SP) and with 31 branches installed in the main commercial centers, such as Belo Horizonte (MG), Santo André (SP), Porto Alegre (RS), Rio de Janeiro, and Pernambuco, Furacão offers its customers a complete portfolio with more than 26,000 items, highlighting the best brands in the national and international market.

Furacão works to meet all requests efficiently, quickly, safely, and peacefully. No wonder it is recognized in the market as the biggest and best company in electricity distribution in Brazil, followed by electronic injection. Success is the result of work focused on quality and constant improvement. The guaranteed investment is one of the

highlights Furacão, assuming the responsibility to replace any part that presents a problem.

The commitment they maintain with the customers and credibility gained in the market made Furacão the first company in the sector to receive ISO 9001 certification and the IQA seal, from the Automotive Quality Institute.

No.1 in Electronic Fuel Injection Distribution

The electronic fuel injection system was created to replace carburetors and improve the performance of automobiles. It feeds the fuel and prevents pollution in cities due to the control of the mixture of air and fuel in the vehicle’s engine. Every month, Furacão reinvents itself with new products in the portfolio, always thinking of providing the greatest variety and quality to the customer.

We daily seek innovation to improve each time our processes and commercialization of automotive parts and services with efficiency, quality, agility and technology, team Furacão.


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