Faitec Tecnologia: Excellence in Data Center/Cloud

Fábio Santana, Danielle Santana

Faitec provides advanced technology with high availability, 24-hour services and customized projects that reconcile intelligence, diverse systems, digital security, data center, clouds and database, with a focus on productivity and performance.

A year ago, it expanded to Latin America, especially Chile and Paraguay, with its current head office in Alphaville, São Paulo, an important Brazilian technology hub.

With operations in several commercial, business and industrial segments, recognized leader in the national hotel market and awarded as the best supplier in products and technological solutions 2019, Faitec Tecnologia is reference in support to the most varied PMS’s, ERP’s, DMZ’s, BI’s and CRM’s being currently the only Brazilian Hosting company homologated 100% in Computing computing itself.

The platform, called FTC CLOUD, has uninterrupted staff and full advice coated with superior intelligence, compared to other traditional clouds, as it provides simplification for system migrations and optimization of the use of physical and hybrid resources, able to meet on-prime or those that were born in the cloud.

Far from being a complicated process, long or time-consuming, in a few hours it is possible to transfer entire environments to the FTC CLOUD platform with all security and effectiveness necessary, obtaining great satisfaction in cost reduction, dedicated environments, complete, safe, optimized and available.


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