Cotricampo: Expertise in rural development strategy

Gelson Bridi - Diretor Presidente

Throughout its existence, Cooperativa Tritícola Mista Campo Novo Ltda, widely known as Cotricampo, has shown itself to be a great partner of the associate. More than a cooperative system, it evolved into a development strategy, offering the rural producer mechanisms of technical support in the application of measures to improve the performance of the property. 

In polyactivity, Cotricampo accompanies and develops field research, leading the producer to new technologies applied to rural properties, thus favoring the performance of agribusiness. In the experimental area, located in Campo Novo (RS), several tests of technological innovations of cultivars and products are carried out, there are three annual events open to the members and family members of the 11 municipalities covered by the cooperative, where the results of these studies are presented for winter and summer crops.

Cotricampo also plays a fundamental social role in the evolutionary process of the agricultural economy, through measures to value the producer, the environment, agribusiness, and the human condition of the associate as a transforming agent. This partnership made it possible for the cooperative and associate to find ways to prosper, solidifying eternal actions, and that ended up transforming the Celeiro region into a great agro-industrial potential, with projected gradual growth, which does not conform to time and place limits. 

Today the cooperative is a reference in the industrialization of wheat, having one of the largest industrial plants of the cooperative system of the State, absorbing practically all the regional production. It also develops several products in the animal nutrition line with its feed factory, the most outstanding product in its portfolio being formulations aimed at the dairy herd in the region, serving a large number of family properties that develop dairy activities.

Cotricampo is present in:

  • 25 Receiving Units for agricultural products;
  • 12 Supermarkets;
  • 17 Agricultural Stores;
  • 01 A wheat flour industry;
  • 01 Storage Center;
  • 01 Gas Station;
  • 01 Feed Factory
  • 01 Seed Processing Unit
  • 01 Bakery Agroindustry

The Cotricampo Mill

In the Brazilian market since 1988;

More than 2300 square meters for the sectors of production, packaging, stock, shipping, office, and laboratory for chemical, physical and rheological analyzes;

The industrial plant is one of the largest in the cooperative system in the Rio Grande do Sul with an installed capacity to transform 220 tons of wheat into flour per day.

Structure of wheat storage silos capable of storing 485,000 bags of wheat that have automatic supply systems from the processing industry.

It operates with an average of 180 tons/day in four production shifts that require a workload of 21 hours/day distributed among a team of approximately 70 employees.


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