A modern and innovative legal advisory is the brand of E.V.I Sociedade de Advogados

Dr. Eduardo Veríssimo Inocente - Sócio Diretor

E.V.I. Sociedade de Advogados has been in the market for 19 years, offering legal advice in the areas of civil, labor, business, family, medical and biological law. In 2019, the firm was awarded the “Quality Justiça 2019” award, obtaining the International recognition of excellence as outstanding professionals who effectively contribute to the global social and economic development.

The team is composed of renowned lawyers in the legal environment, with each professional specialized and responsible within the area in which he works, providing clients with technical support in the search for the best solution for each issue presented. They also rely on the efficiency of interns and secretaries, who are prepared to solve problems and provide the best service. Competence, agility, and effectiveness define the spirit with which they explore the legal world and act in the different cases brought.

The office is located in São Paulo and offers a high level of work maintaining contact with corresponding offices throughout the national territory. It also has modern legal software, which provides organization and strict control over each subject submitted to the team’s advisory.

The firm’s differential is the punctual service, transparency with the client, and speed in answering questions brought to the firm, in addition to the constant presence on social networks with content of extreme social relevance. Certainly, the office can be seen with a modern and innovative profile, and which values, above all, the quality in the provision of its services and in serving its customers.



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