VG Educacional: The Best Educational Solution in the Digital Age

Viviane Marques Goi and Diego Figueiredo Dias - Directors

VG Educacional appeared in the city of Maringá, in the interior of the state of Paraná, Brazil. Since 2011, the focus has been to mediate education through technology, and this has always been done with great passion and dedication. VG Educacional acts with expertise in the accreditation of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), to act in the face-to-face and distance modalities. It also produces complete and high-quality learning materials and objects, which have already exceeded 100 thousand hours of content produced.

VG Educacional, over the years, has reached more than 2 million students in Brazil and abroad, since these materials are already produced in several languages, meeting the needs and particularities of each country, including the execution of fully accessible and inclusive materials.

VG Educacional turns manuals and textbooks that are often lengthy and dull into more than just digital files. VG produces videos, interactive infographics, motion graphics, animation, games, among other products. These materials are designed to be consumed on the most different digital platforms to which users have access, always with the most appropriate language, aiming at learning and the audience to be reached.

In the corporate market, VG Educacional assists companies to transform what used to be physical and face-to-face into digital and online, considering innovation as one of its principles, in addition to creating training and qualification courses in a modern way, which guarantees efficiency for any company’s processes. Therefore, it works in partnership with companies such as HUB Soluções Educacionais, which brings together the main players providing educational services in Brazil and worldwide.

In addition to serving large educational institutions, state-owned companies, and other economic sectors, VG Educacional is one of Áurea’s directors and partners, which brings together, in a practical way and in a single place, thousands of subjects, courses, standardized questions, and objects of learning, so that any educational institution, regardless of its size, can rent the contents in a fully customizable way, which is done together with the pedagogical teams of each institution, to ensure that students will receive the best content to develop during their learning journey.

To contribute to the digital transformation of education, it was necessary to start inserting itself not only in the market of higher education and technical institutions but also in the K-12, which covers the years of regular schooling for children and teenagers. After all, the generation we have seen grow are digital natives and, therefore, digitizing the way of learning is so important, even more so with the quality that VG Educacional always proposes to deliver. The world has already dealt with several revolutions, and we are seeing that every day more digital becomes our lives. Thousands of institutions and companies faced a major challenge in the last year. The accumulation and transmission of knowledge in many of these institutions were still done in an analogous, extensive, and often tedious way. But that had to change and, without the help of a partner and experienced company, these contents could not become good digital materials in a single click. At this time, VG Educacional proved to be the right company to assist this much-needed transformation.

With an excellent, trained, and unremitting team, we managed to contribute so that access to quality education and the training and learning processes of several organizations would become exactly what was needed at the moment: fluid, precise, and totally digital, always employed, the most modern technology in each material produced. VG Educacional continues, day by day, to prove to be the best educational solution in the digital age.


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