Vetor IT: Technology company supports organizations in creating and developing better technological solutions

Michel Paiva and Rafael Reis

Vetor IT was born in 2017 to bring more technology and innovation to the business environment, especially the fiscal, the tax, and IT (information technology). With more than 30 years of experience added, the partners Rafael Reis and Michel Paiva share the same idea that innovation and the development of new solutions are necessary for an increasingly complex, bureaucratic scenario with large volumes of information. The first step was to focus on process automation, thus avoiding repetitive and manual work, enabling departments to act in a more strategic than operational way. As a consequence, there are long-term savings, both in the financial and functional spheres.

Vetor IT has a wide range of operations, highlighting the development of customized software and on-demand, process automation through RPA (Robotic Process Automation), tax management, and deliveries, issuance of payment slips, allocation of specialized labor.

In addition to these actions, it is worth mentioning the development of the FastTax product, which is a complete suite of automation of fiscal and tax processes. With high technology employed, it can carry out all the necessary steps for tax delivery, from the generation of information and files to automated delivery through government applications. Also, it issues payment slips, covering the municipal, state, and federal spheres.

From the beginning, Vetor IT aims to be the IT management company that best offers technology services according to the needs of each consumer, that is, to add quality, excellence, and innovation to all its customers.

With more than fifty high-performance employees, the company has medium and large companies in its client portfolio, from the most varied segments, such as telecommunications, industry, retail, pharmaceutical, among others.

The pillars of Vetor IT are professionalism, transparency, loyalty, and focus on problem-solving, always with the single and clear objective: to always offer the best. This is only possible with a highly prepared and experienced team. This is the recipe for the success of Vetor IT.

The next steps of this partnership are taken with pride and security, for everything that the company represents and provides. After extensive investment and dedication in the automation of processes, now it is the turn to act with more cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and big data, allowing also to support the decision-making of the clients served.


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