Up Trade: Majority with excellence

Luiz Antonio Lomenso

Twenty-one years have been dedicated to providing business consultancy at the national and international levels. It is UP TRADE Consultoria Empresarial Ltda, based in Campinas (SP), Miami (USA), and London (UK), where executives with a long professional trajectory developed in multinational organizations make their expertise available.

This team can develop or improve business structuring and restructuring projects with a strong emphasis on the financial area.

UP TRADE can offer support and solutions to companies seeking credit lines for financing not only to expand their operations and facilities but also to sustain this growth.

Companies that are experiencing difficulties in their cash flow and need Credit Lines to strengthen their Working Capital can also count on UP TRADE’s assistance, as well as those who want to sell their operations.

UP TRADE is prepared to serve every market segment without any distinction. Its greatest asset is the safe transit in the National and International financial area of its owner partner who has been operating in this market for over 50 years.

In these more than two decades of important presence in this market, UP TRADE can list dozens of success stories with an emphasis on:

Sales of Operations from National companies to American groups in the Electric Energy Products sector;

Sale of Metallurgical Industries operations to national groups;

Fundraising of Working Capital Financial Resources for numerous national companies;

Structured financial operations to expand groups business; Structured Financial Operation to enable the expansion of the National Retail Group to the entire interior of São Paulo.


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