Sobral Almeida Advogados Associados: Specialized in condominiums in the state of Sergipe

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Alexandre Sobral Almeida is a lawyer and businessman, son of renowned accountant Williams Almeida Santos, who graduated in Law from the Tiradentes University of the State of Sergipe. He is a specialist in Procedural Law and Civil Procedure from LFG-Luiz Flavio Gomes. He recently presented his MBA work in Condominium Management at Faculdade 2 de Julho in the city of Salvador and completed another postgraduate degree in Civil Procedure at EJUCE- Sergipe Judicial School. He is currently taking a specialization course in Civil and Consumer Law at the same school.

He specializes in Condominium and Consumer Law, being the partner and owner of the law firm Sobral Almeida Advogados Associados.

In the current year, he became a member of the Condominium Law Committee of the OAB/SE. He is a postgraduate professor in Condominium Law at CBEPJUR – Centro Brasileiro de Estudos e Pesquisas Jurídicas, as well as a professor of professional liquidator courses and a lecturer. He is one of the anchors of the program “The Condominium Specialists”, on Rádio Metrópole of Sergipe, he still stands out as a Member of the CRA/SE Center of Excellence, organizer of FECONSE- Condominium Fair in Sergipe, professional landlord and specialist in security condominium of Intelbras.

In the business area, is the owner of the collection company Inadimplência Zero and Avenue Store- Retail trade of women’s clothing and accessories.

Sobral Almeida Advogados Associados office offers clients the following services: acting in the civil, consumer, labor, and condominium areas. The latter with greater focus and expertise, addressing and regulating the rights and duties of unit owners in the preparation and review of condominium agreement, bylaws and residents’ association statute, creation of extrajudicial and judicial measures to reduce customer default, consultations, and opinions involving condominium and its specificities, advice in the labor area for outsourced companies and its employees, filing of lawsuits to compel joint owners to comply with the condominium agreement and internal regulations, as well as contract analysis, consultancy on condominium management as a whole and implementation of preventive measures to avoid leads.

The office, always committed to sustainability, invested recently in the deployment of solar energy, which is self-sustainable and renewable energy. In addition, it trains its employees to the fullest and always invests in technologies that facilitate communication. Finally, with its own identity, the social media pages are updated daily (Instagram and company website) with tips and information. Sobral Almeida is a regional office and has no intention of creating branches, as its objective is to expand knowledge, which its responsible already does with lectures, courses, and fairs. However, with the advent of technology, in the future, it will be able to act in other states without the need for physical structures, to help with the demands of its customers.


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