RCA Sistemas: The challenge of cutting a diamond in one of the lowest per capita income regions in Brazil

Carlos Luiz Dias dos Santos and Aloízio Mota de Castro

RCA Sistemas is the result of hard work and dedication. Fruit of perception that there was a great need on the part of many companies. From the vision of businessman Carlos Luiz Dias dos Santos, that difficulty would become an opportunity.

Faith is a powerful fuel. It was because of the belief that Carlos Luiz convinced Aloizio Mota de Castro to join him on a journey that would become RCA SISTEMAS. Obviously, at the time, they couldn’t imagine what would happen. After all, it all started in a small rented room, with the hiring of a secretary. At the same time, Carlos Luiz made an effort to gain space in the market, using the old resource of many entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers: the sole of the shoe. In the old “from door to door”, he said, “I’m from RCA SISTEMAS and I have solutions to your problems”. Meanwhile, Aloizio sweated his forehead to develop the technologies that were demanded by the market. How many times Aloizio asked himself: “what now?”. This even he doesn’t know how to answer. But he solved it!

The time was passing. The first 20 clients became 200 clients, more companies perceived the quality of the work provided by RCA SISTEMAS and soon there were 1,000 clients. And Carlos Luiz and Aloizio pulled their hair. Against them the great difficulty of developing this fight, in a small municipality in the northwest of Rio de Janeiro: Itaocara. They needed skilled labor and they didn’t have it. So they trained their collaborators, there was no alternative.

Service quality generates publicity. And customers commented to others: “RCA SISTEMAS is wonderful. Do you work with them?”. So, they reached 2,000 customers. And then? They reached 4,000 customers. There are currently more than 5,000 customers throughout Brazil, many conquered during the pandemic, developing even more efficient systems, capable of meeting new demands.

At this moment Carlos Luiz and Aloízio thank GOD for them bless with success, in such a difficult country. Thanks to the employees, who are the heart of RCA SISTEMAS. They thank their clients, who consider them business partners, and thank International Business Magazine, for their recognition in winning the award: The Winner Awards 2021, watershed for the next stage of deep growth.



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