Raiz Latina seeks out business partnerships in Dubai

Telma dos Santos - CEO da Raiz Latina em Dubai

The entrepreneur Telma dos Santos, CEO of the hair product company Raiz Latina from São José dos Campos (a city in the state of São Paulo/Brazil), is in Dubai. She and a group of businessmen from Paraíba Vale will be present in one of the biggest events in the world, the Dubai World Expo. The trip to Dubai is a part of a cultural immersion program of the group “Experincialize” by Manuel Carlos Junior, mentored by Samuel Pereira and will count on the lecture by Brazilian millionaire and founder of Ser Educacional (preparatory course for public tender), Janguiê Diniz.

The event has pavillions for 190 countries, and among them Brazil is present. The exposition ensembles architectural works and technological innovation. The exhibits were divided into districts: Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity. The Expo was postponed for a year, on account of the coronavirus pandemic and was opened to the public in early October (2021) and will be open until March 2022. According to the organizers, the expectation is that the exposition will welcome over 25 million visitors during that period.

In addition to visiting the exposition, Telma dos Santos will record for her interviewing program “Café Raiz”, with a Brazilian professional who lives in Dubai, Just One Media company’s owner, photographer, cameraman, and producer Márcio Balieiro Serafim. He is known for the work he develops with artists who visit Dubai, such as the singer Ludmilla and for covering the “Dubai World Expo” for Band Television of São Paulo/Brazil.  Telma will also attend professional commitments, the businesswoman will meet with a Sheik and talk to Brazilians who live in Dubai and who can produce future partnerships for trading Raiz Latina’s Products in Salons in the region and that way kickstart the exportations. “It’s been 4 years that I research to start exporting and that moment is close by. We are working for this goal to become a reality and I will personally check the market in Dubai,” commented Telma.

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