Partner Consulting sees in crisis opportunity to grow and consolidate in the consulting market

Rui Rocha

Currently the offer of business consulting services is wide and the demand for these professionals is increasing. 20 years ago the market was more rigid and, in a way, prejudiced for young professionals who worked in consulting. To be a consultant it was necessary to have “white hair” and many years of experience in baggage. Defying the stigmas of the time, Partner Consulting emerged, a dream and inspiration of entrepreneur Rui Rocha. “The first years were a great battle to consolidate in the market and be recognized for developing a differentiated work, which to this day is our brand.”

From the earliest days, business connections have been emerging and opportunities with large companies have become a reality. “Since the beginning large projects have been developed with reference companies in the market, bringing to the consultancy notoriety and expansion in the area of operation”, he explains.

Rui recalls that, upon completing nine years of Partner Consulting, there was a significant demand for organizational restructuring, as well as the need for companies to assist in the professional development of their executives and leaders. Products such as Strategic Planning and Organizational Performance Management were created, which were integrated into the consulting services portfolio. The 2008 crisis was a catalyst for the development of a new business unit called Governance and Management. At the time, Corporate Governance was an incipient issue for companies,” he says. Seeking to further explore this opportunity, Rui Rocha developed his own methodology for the implementation of governance, differentiating himself from the existing classical model.

“We strongly believe that crises offer great opportunities and we have always been successful in reading the market and developing services to meet this need,” he says. The year 2020 was a year of opportunities, where new market demands emerged and are guideing the review of the consulting services portfolio. New services will be launched in 2021 and 2022, reinforcing Partner Consulting’s successful track record. “For us, it is not enough to deliver a product or a solution, but to participate in the growth of our customer, adding value to your business”, he concludes.


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