Oliveira Castro Advogados offers customized and specialized strategic legal solutions

Emília Vilela, Bruno Oliveira Castro and Luize Menegassi Castro

The Oliveira Castro Advogados law firm was founded from the experience and professional practical experience of the founding lawyer, Dr. Bruno Oliveira Castro, who since his academic training, 18 years ago, has been working in Corporate Law, notably in bankruptcy and recovery of companies in societary demands, in the defense of creditors’ interests, succession planning, civil litigation and legal solutions for entertainment.

With its specialized practice in the fields of law indicated above, the Oliveira Castro Advogados office proposes a personalized service, in the “boutique office” concept, and offers its clients, individuals, and legal entities (Multinationals, Agribusiness family companies, and Entertainment), a specialized and professional service, based on personal and trusting relationships, being able to develop creative and effective conclusions to solve the problems presented, always, therefore, privileging high technical quality and improved legal guidance.

The mission of Oliveira Castro Advogados is to offer high-performance legal services through customized and specialized strategic solutions. Among the values are: responsible and committed advocacy with ethics, integrity, and credibility in a highly specialized practice.

The firm seeks to be a reference in its segment, with actions that strive for quality and find legal solutions for its clients, both in the extrajudicial and judicial spheres, based on the premise that preventive legal advice is the best solution to avoid litigation.

The founding lawyer Bruno Oliveira Castro is a specialist in Corporate Law from the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, Doctorate in Law from the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, University Professor of Business Law, in addition to teaching postgraduate courses and courses aimed at the Constitution of Family Holdings and Succession Planning, Bankruptcy and Recovery of Companies in several Universities and Institutions in Brazil. Therefore, with 18 years of academic training and legal practice in Commercial / Business Law and Credit Recovery, reinforced with university teaching, Bruno Oliveira Castro practices law, and brings together the skills of Professor and Lecturer, in addition to authorship in partnership with Cristiano Imhoff from the book Lei de Recuperação de Empresas e Falência and annotated article by article by the publisher Booklaw.

Allied to the founder, the members of the Oliveira Castro Advogados team, the partners Dr. Luize Menegassi Castro and Dr. Emília Vilela, also four highly qualified lawyers, interns, assistants, in addition to a multidisciplinary team composed of accountants, auditors, experts, and consultants.

Oliveira Castro Advogados is headquartered in Cuiabá (MT) and has service stations in São Paulo, meeting legal demands throughout Brazil. In the capital of Mato Grosso, the office was designed for a functional, accessible, and attractive workspace. The architecture of the office conveys a classic atmosphere, guided by sober lines, to offer the client an organized, comfortable, and safe place.

To facilitate customer service and communication with customers, it seeks to maintain an updated technical collection, with a complete database, maintaining all its records in specialized software.

Website: www.oliveiracastro.adv.br

Instagram: @oliveiracastroadvocacia

Facebook: @oliveiracastroadvogados

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