Mont’Anne Parfums knows the power of a fragrance

Rozane Montana

Mont’Anne Parfums is a brand of imported perfumes manufactured in the Netherlands and launched in the domestic market in 2012, with 16 fragrances.

With a detailed market research, planning and a lot of innovation, the brand was conquering its space, so much so that it exceeded all sales expectations in its 1st half of existence in Brazil. Importer Rofam’s, which owns the Mont’Anne Parfums brand, attributes this success to the strategic and marketing planning carried out, in addition, of course, to factors such as the quality and presentation of products, with innovative packaging, competitive prices, brand recognition and customer satisfaction. In this constant evolution, the Mont’Anne Parfums brand expanded its perfumery line and launched 13 new fragrances in 2013.

Mont’Anne Parfums knows the power of a fragrance, so it creates unforgettable aromas that awaken the memory of something, a person or even a special moment. But the power of perfumes goes beyond the aroma it exudes. Aromatic stimuli incite emotions, can be a weapon in seduction, and help to potentiate personality.

The ethical, transparent and socially responsible stance that guides all values has made Mont ́Anne Parfums an award-winning and recognized company in the market in which it operates.

Learn about the awards, titles and recognitions that Mont ́Anne Parfums has recently won:

  • International quality seal
  • International environmental seal – SEMA
  • Intertek seal recognition award, GMPC and ISSO 22716
  • Top Entrepreneur Trophy 2013 (International Business Magazine)
  • International Success Top Entrepreneur Trophy 2013
  • 2013 Gran Awards for Quality Excellence
  • Company of the Year – (National Institute of Excellence of Quality Management Total Quality)

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