Matarazzo e Cia Investimentos: Personalized service and product exclusivity

Eduardo Matarazzo and Simone Costa

“You, the greatest asset”. This is the slogan of Matarazzo & Cia, an Investment House with expertise in Structured Fixed Income products with 100% protected capital.

The company supports the client in the construction and evolution of the patrimony through Financial Planning that understands the moment of its life, the objectives associated with deadlines, dreams, and projects, among others. Its investment products are exclusive and with 100% of the protected capital. Matarazzo & Cia does not aim and does not work with stocks, multi markets.

With ethics and transparency, Matarazzo & Cia has been operating for more than 10 years, under the command of Eduardo Matarazzo and Simone Costa, in Wealth Management with exclusive and personalized solutions. Its Investment Portfolio covers products in the 100% guaranteed capital modality and maximizes return. Its advisory is complete, perennial, and performed with excellence.

Matarazzo & Cia Investimentos

Values – Ethics, independence, innovation, personalization, and transparency.

Mission – Take care and maximize your assets so that you dedicate more time to what is important to you.

Vision – To be the best Fixed Income Wealth Manager in Brazil, transforming the vision of alternative investments in the country.

“In line with our vision, we want that when thinking about Fixed Income, the client thinks about Matarazzo & Cia Investimentos”, Eduardo Matarazzo, founding partner.


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