Fashion entrepreneurs are a success in Beauty Salon Just One Beauty

Cristina Leal - CEO

The beauty salon Just One Beauty was created by two fashion professionals. Cristina Leal is a hairdresser and makeup artist, a specialist in image consulting and she is always tuned to the most recent tendencies, with a giant will to make a difference in every detail. Márcio Serafim is a cameraman, photographer, and entrepreneur by nature. “We are a couple who decided to combine the best we had, and we started our first project that is growing fast and has made us grow as entrepreneurs. We are two people with active minds, and we want to evolve more and more!” said Márcio Serafim.

Cristina Leal is a Portuguese hairdresser and makeup artist trained in the hair area since she was 15 years old, adding 19 years of experience. She worked for ten years in the city of Leiria, Portugal, for one of the best beauty salons in the region, and also for magazines, weddings and fashion tutorials. She has moved to Dubai seven years ago, when she married Márcio Serafim, and has worked as a freelancer in advertising, weddings, and events all over the Arab Emirates (UAE). She works with a large Portuguese and Brazilian community, as well as other nationalities.

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