Josicleido Nogueira: Author, Speaker, and Business Consultant

Josicleido Nogueira

For over 15 years, Josicleido Nogueira has been working on the mission of combat the high corporate mortality rate in Brazil. This purpose was inspired by the desire to make a positive contribution to the Brazilian reality, in which half of the open companies close their doors in less than two years of life, that is, approximately 1 million companies go out of business every year. The consequence of this frightening statistic is financial and emotional bankruptcy, unemployment, and lack of entrepreneurial stability. “Entrepreneurship may seem like it’s for everyone, but surviving in the business world and succeeding in entrepreneurship is for the few who act strategically, intelligently, and with the right actions to always take the business to the next level”, says the author. He also signals the importance of entrepreneurs focusing all the time and energy they have to build their own story, develop their own game and write memorable facts in the blank pages of their book, rather than excessively looking at the successes of others and the results achieved by others.

Applying mentoring, training, and lectures, Josicleido Nogueira has already trained and developed thousands of entrepreneurs with his unique style of motivating people to raise their standards and achieve extraordinary results. With business consulting, he has already helped to improve the results of hundreds of companies by up to 1000%, based on the precise use of his own strategies and methods, widely disseminated through his 27 books sold in the main bookstores in the country. He is one of the biggest experts in business leverage in Brazil and one of the Brazilian authors with the most books published in the business area.

Josicleido Nogueira is a national reference in lectures and consultancy and travels extensively to motivate, engage and train employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Among his books are: “How to Transform Ideas into Business” which is a method of analyzing opportunities and building profitable businesses;

“How to Make a Micro and Small Business Grow”, which presents a methodology focused on developing paths for business growth;

“Entrepreneurial Mind”, which helps the entrepreneur to build a winning mindset focused on success in entrepreneurship;

“Why do Micro and Small Businesses Fail?”, which is a strategic manual to combat the actions that cause a company to fail.

Considered one of the greatest experts in Business Leverage in the country, Josicleido Nogueira is an author, speaker, and business consultant.

With business consulting, he has already leveraged the results of 490 companies by up to 1000%. He has published 27 books that are sold in the main bookstores, and he is one of the Brazilian writers with the most books in the business area. His mission is to fight the high corporate mortality rate in Brazil. With you, giving the Lecture “The 05 Pillars of Business Leverage”, JOSICLEIDO NOGUEIRA.


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