Instituto GayLussac: A success story in education

Luiza Sassi - General Director

For 12 years the 1st place in ENEM in Niterói, GayLussac stands out among the 50 best educational institutions in Brazil tradition and innovation.

In the year 1954, GayLussac Vestibulares was emerging in the educational scene of Niterói/RJ. The course quickly gained notoriety at the hands of its founder Renato Garcia de Freitas. The 136 approvals in Medicine and another 105 in Engineering anticipated the promising future of the course initially installed on the premises of Colégio Batista de Niterói. With time and some expansions, it became clear to Renato that it was necessary to better prepare the student for future challenges and that the solution would be to invest in the initial grades. The ’70s registered further advances, with the opening of Infant Education (1974) and the GayLussac Institute (1977), both in the neighborhood of São Francisco. A school already at that time was specially created in a large and modern space, with an architecture that brought an avant-garde bias and rigor in the spaces that were created to embrace childhood with a strong connection with nature.

In 2014, GayLussac joined the universe of more than 85 Cognita schools, maintaining the excellence of its pedagogical team. Incorporating the Cognita Group represents planning for the future, looking ahead. With this, the school continues its trajectory of local innovation and opens paths and global perspectives, made possible by being part of an educational group whose goal is to teach excellence.

In 2021, the school turns 67 and is proud of the title it carries, considered the best school in Niterói in the Enem ranking for the twelfth time;

10th position in the State of Rio, and has always been among the top 50 in the country! It is the portrait of a school recognized for its ethical principles with the commitment to dawn each day being better than yesterday. It has the best level of parental satisfaction among the schools in the group.

“For the next 67 years, we will expand our students’ view of the world, with the acquisition of new technologies and concepts that will keep it on an upward trajectory of expansion and strengthening of our ideals. At the same time GayLussac pursues the mission of being the best place for teachers to exercise their profession with freedom and responsibility, offering a permanent environment of continuous training, being certified by the Great Place to Work in 2021″, explains the General Director, Luiza Sassi.

Innovation in the DNA

Innovating is in the DNA of this school in Niterói. After 67 years following the tradition of innovation and excellence, and today with more than 340 active employees committed to the company’s ideals.

One of the movements that made it possible to expand creative capacities was the construction of a new building aimed at training early childhood education students.

Opened in 2018, the modern and spacious space had themed rooms, a multi-sport court, Maker Lab, Cooking Class. “We are certain that space is a third educator in light of the teachings of Loris Malaguzzi”, says Luiza Sassi.

In 2021, we will inaugurate another expansion of a building that will house one of the most modern technology centers with STEAM programs integrated into the curriculum, as well as a new cafeteria. A multipurpose space for bilingual programs with rooms

multipurpose and outdoor areas for recreation. With 3D printers, laser cutting machines, and augmented reality glasses, the technology center is another step towards an innovative education, which sees technology as an ally with projects we carry out such as going to NASA in the rover construction project where we were awarded the Best Design Ney Armstrong Award. Having innovation in the DNA means a dynamic curriculum with solid foundations and, for example, we have Mandarin and Computational Thinking in the curriculum, and our students go beyond the bilingual programs with international certifications in English and Spanish. In 2019, we received 8 awards from the 10 best essays in the Contest promoted by the Brazilian Academy of Letters together with the Fuzileiros Navais. In 2020, we won the prize for the best Colégio Del Año en Español in Brazil, promoted by the Embassy of Spain and the Instituto Cervantes.

Being a Cognita school allows us to carry out academic exchange programs between our schools. Students can learn about teaching and culture in countries like England, Spain, Chile, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, and Vietnam. This experience allows an unprecedented opening of the world for our students.

In addition, we created the Learning Without Borders Program in which our teachers choose a school from the group to stay in immersion for three weeks with the entire program paid for by Cognita. The Cognita Group brings together schools of excellence from the private network around the world. And best of all, they preserve their identity, their cultural value and offer investment and possibilities to be even better. They promote the exchange of good educational experiences recognizing that their strength lies in diversity when it brings together the best schools.


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