HL Soluções Ambientais: Transformation Through Knowledge

Laiz Hérida Siqueira de Araújo

The boldness to undertake from the “Girl from the Sertão”, Laiz Hérida, is HL’s trademark. The company assures the quality of its services and products with sustainable, innovative, efficient, and effective environmental solutions.


Laiz Hérida, founder and CEO of HL Environmental Solutions & ECOnexões Startup, moved out of her parent’s house, located in the central hinterland of Ceará, at 14, to study in Fortaleza (CE), without knowing anyone in the 5th largest city in the country. As a girl from the countryside, in opposition to common sense, she always considered her origin an honor, as she established values and principles that always guided her through her academic and entrepreneurial trajectory.

Always having knowledge as her biggest mechanism of development and growth, throughout her career, it was common to be the only woman and the youngest, in technical, commercial, or strategic meetings. However, having the clarity that she was prepared for that moment, through a purpose, and the conviction that God had put her in that situation for her evolution, in the search to positively impact the people present, she acted with lightness, tranquility, empathy, and respect, using knowledge to generate enchantment and connection with people.

Today, with almost 17 years of experience in the environmental area, she founded three companies, active in the market, and another four in development, all established with a very clear purpose: to generate transformation through knowledge. HL Soluções Ambientais, for example, has the mission of promoting sustainable development, using knowledge as a means of generating innovative solutions. Therefore, never underestimate a “girl from the Sertão”.


HL Soluções Ambientais is an Environmental Advisory and Consulting company, which has a qualified technical staff, composed of doctors, masters, and specialists. It has already advised more than 450 projects on its environmental regularization, with a collection of more than 1000 licenses and authorizations issued and more than 680 completed environmental plans, reports, and studies.

Based on the commitment to life and the environment, in order to prioritize social and environmental responsibility, playing its role with ethics and transparency, through attitudes aligned with its values, it has provided an opportunity for this moment and others to come.

Its employees go through a constant process of learning, transformation, and growth opportunities. We perceive a different climate, an affection for each other, a pleasant working environment, competent and committed professionals, performing their duties according to the requirements of environmental agencies. Therefore, to be HL is to be family.

All this internal care is externalized to its customers, through the creation of bonds based on credibility, with its relationships based on trust, dedication, genuine service, valuing listening and understanding, with empathy and excellence in everything it proposes to do. From sustainable, innovative, efficient, and effective environmental solutions, in order to ensure the quality of its services and products, there is a connection in order to exceed expectations, providing legal security for its customers.

Its customers are comprised of companies from various types of segments, which seek to act in an environmentally responsible manner, some by meeting the requirements of environmental legislation, others by seeking continuous improvement of their environmental management system.

Today, HL Soluções Ambientais has its headquarters in Fortaleza (CE) and aims to expand with the opening of two branches, one in São Paulo (SP) and another in Salvador (BA), aiming to act nationally, and be a reference for professionals, companies, and bodies in technical quality, service effectiveness and customer satisfaction by 2022.

Daring through innovative solutions, HL developed a software for environmental regulation: the ECOnexões platform. A simple and efficient tool as an important aid for the environmental management of companies.

“Innovation is not only associated with technology but in everything we think, seek, and act on. It is by evolving your processes, culture, results, and products, that you will generate innovations ”, Laiz Hérida.



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