Herself wants to break the taboo about menstruation with knowledge

Raissa Kist

Pioneer brand in the production of menstrual panties and bikinis 100% made in Brazil, also promotes social impact and learning actions.

The development of technological products for menstruation and access to safe and quality information on the functioning of women’s bodies are the two fronts of Herself and Herself Educacional. The social business duo based in Porto Alegre-RS acts guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular number 5: gender equity

“We are pioneers in Brazil in the production of technological panties and bikinis for menstruation. We develop our own technology and our products are made locally, with 100% Brazilian raw materials ”
highlights Raíssa Kist, the founding partner who advocates breaking taboos about menstruation.

Education to change the relationship with menstruation and the body itself

The initiative to expand and democratize knowledge about menstrual cycles already happened through Bioabsorventes workshops guided by Victória Castro, partner of Herself Educacional.

It was made official in January 2020, at the launch of the first course online with a focus on autonomy and a positive outlook on the body.
The content is thought to contemplate several phases: young people from 9 to 18 years old and adults who want to reframe the
menstruation. 160 students from all over the country joined the first class.

A company with a positive and financially viable impact

Created through collective financing that raised R$ 113 thousand, Herself has matured and today has a structure that focuses on female entrepreneurship. “We women are agents of change to a more coherent, ethical, and sustainable logic for all” highlights Raíssa.

Purpose-driven, it has not lost sight of financial health.
Program Participant Aceleração Itaú Mulher Empreendedora 2020, Raíssa now seeks to scale the metrics of impact. The most recent investments were aimed at improving e-commerce and installing the Casa da Menstruação em Porto Alegre.

the Herself is also packed for Uruguay, where it will implement the database expansion towards Latin America. Therefore, Lanna Collares leads international marketing and operation. One more step to reach goal number one of the brand: menstrual dignity for all people who menstruate. In Brazil and, very soon, in Latin America.



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