GPAD Arquitetura: Transforming environments, making dreams come true

Gabriela Prado

The GPAD Arquitetura office was born out of Gabriela Prado’s passion for transforming environments, and especially for the influence it causes in people’s lives. Funny that Gabriela took time to realize this gift in her and think of architecture as a profession, but since she was a teenager she was enchanted with this world and consumed a lot of content related to it.

The Architect is graduated from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, specialized by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and has experience in renowned offices in the area. In 2015, she decided it was time to start her business, with many uncertainties about what her professional life would be like from that moment on, but with a great desire to work and turn her clients’ dreams into reality. With the encouragement of her brother Bruno Prado, a society emerged: Gabriela responsible for developing innovative projects that combine technology, comfort, modernity, and aesthetics, adapted to the needs of each client, and Bruno responsible for all the financial part of the business. Since then, the partners have been creating spaces and transforming a simple apartment into a home, with the mission of leaving this space with the client’s face, making him feel at home. Gradually the office expanded, developed, and gained more prominence in the market. The dream that began with the newly formed architect making a project for friends and family now has a team of four architects.


The Gabriela Prado office has gained its national and international visibility with more than 20 publications in renowned notices in the area, such as Casa Vogue and Casa e Jardim, in Brazil, My House Idea in the United States, and Urbana magazine in Portugal, but what makes the office believe that it is in the right path, far beyond publications is the testimony of your customers, their loyalty and indication. In 2020, a very challenging year, Gabriela received testimony from an emotional client who, with all delicacy, said that “she had the humility to listen, to capture the essence of each client and turn this into a home, that this was a special gift and that she was on the right path ”. Certainly, this is the fuel that makes the office move, grow and realize more and more dreams.
According to Gabriela, the intention is to continue growing and increasing the team, maintaining the quality of the work, and, in the future, making it a product to assist newly graduated architects who are looking to undertake in this market and do not know where to start.


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