EntreMares: Making dreams come true

Liane Lisboa & Fabrício da Silva

EntreMares throughout its history has always sought for the realization of the dreams of its customers and employees, because it was also born from a dream, but for this story to come true, it took a lot of work and dedication in the face of the challenges that the path posed.

This dream awoke in its partners back in 2013, as they worked in the tourism business, seeing that they could deliver more to their customers than the market offered, they decided to create their product.

Thus, from an early age, the dream to build EntreMares that we see today was very arduous. Counting on the dedication and sacrifice of the partners that make it up today, nothing was easy, as the doors were not always kept open, but nothing took away from them the desire to see their own business create body and life, and so it happened.

Currently, this reality is built by its employees who make our associates’ dreams come true. Today EntreMares’ vision is to consolidate itself as a reference in the Brazilian tourism industry, offering quality products unique to all its associates and achieving national recognition for performing work with excellence and prestige in front of its employees and partners.

With over 26 thousand members and expanding throughout the national territory, the company has its headquarters in the city of Curitiba/PR, in the neighborhood Batel it also has a commercial headquarters in the Xaxim district, also in Curitiba. It has a commercial headquarters in Londrina/PR and a commercial headquarters in Campo Grande/MS.

And the expansion plans do not stop there, as the company intends to open new branches in the capitals of the states that have more operations, such as Santa Catarina, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Also focusing on the foreign tourism market, EntreMares aims to provide its associates with abroad travel experiences. It is a huge step for its short time in the tourism market, however, this dream is the size of the courage that its partners put daily in building their brand and image.

Supported by the pillars of human valorization, dedication, evolution, professionalism, exceptional service, satisfaction, sustainability, awareness, inspiration, reference, EntreMares day after day marks its history in the memory and heart of its partners, employees, and associates, establishing itself as one of the best companies in the segment that represents.

Its Human Resources is represented by employees who always seek the best for each associate, with hundreds of representatives spread across Brazil to provide the best product in the tourism market and enable the greatest number of people to enjoy the dream of traveling in comfort, tranquility, and safety.

In front of the market giants in the same business segment, EntreMares Apart Hotéis e Turismo stands out for its commitment to its associates, guests, and stakeholders.

It stands out because they believe in the hundreds of associates who choose every day to dream with EntreMares, for those who daily make this great gear turn, for those who make the EntreMares dream happen. Therefore, today it has been reaping the fruits of the hard work performed by the company’s directors, reaching national highlights in its area of expertise, counting on a vast number of associates and employees who today make up the EntreMares family, who help each day more in the achievement of that big dream.



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