Elaw: Corporate solutions for legal management

Guilherme Bordon - CEO

Legal Sector gains efficiency and agility with the use of technology in process management.

To provide more efficiency and agility to the legal departments, Elaw offers innovative technology solutions to the market, using artificial intelligence to improve the management of information, documents and processes, giving more speed to legal demands.

To develop its cognitive and automation products, Elaw developed a partnership with IBM to use Watson as an engine for its artificial intelligence, drawing joint projects. The Elaw software, the company’s main product, has more than ten modules, designed to meet all legal demands, with the main function of assisting in the management of all areas of law such as litigation, contracts, real estate, corporate, trademarks and patents and e-billing, developed for companies looking for smarter management, management of processes and contracts, control of team activities, automation and increased productivity. The software is completely intuitive, fully web, and customizable, according to the client’s needs, with an intelligent, dynamic workflow, following the BPM concept, with big data analysis and business intelligence tools for management analysis.

About the application of Artificial Intelligence in the legal environment, it is possible to use it to create cognitive models and thus predict trends in trials and process results, automate procedures performed by companies in the management of new lawsuits, sanitation of information, management of deadlines, preparation of more assertive provisioning, among other routine activities in the segment, activities that are normally performed by the internal team of companies and their contracted offices. Elaw’s main objective in offering these products is to make the legal operation more agile, reliable, effective, and with accurate data, thus allowing the lawyers to act more strategically without having to perform repetitive and less challenging activities.

Brazil has the most complex legal scenario, both in the number of cases and in the judicial operation carried out by the courts. Due to the number of lawsuits that need to be conducted, the legal sectors of medium and large companies in Brazil have noticed the need for the use of technologies, which is becoming frequent in the legal segment, crossing cultural barriers and conservatism in the legal world. Essential activities to the practice of advocacy have been increasingly supported by solutions that automate processes, improve management and provide intelligence to the routine activities of offices and legal departments.

Technology plays a central role in adding more value to organizations. It is, therefore, a fundamental factor to compose the profile of lawyers today, who work in a market that is digitally transforming. Law operators must have the maximum resources to enhance performance in offices and corporate legal areas.



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