Dr. Coluna: Technology for back pain control and spine health

Dr. André Evaristo

Humanized care, tailored to individual needs, combined with expertise and high technology, is one of the reasons that lead Dr. André Evaristo Marcondes’ patients, an orthopedist, and specialist in spine surgery, to leave his office with back pain relief and aligned posture. The dedication has a simple reason and he explains: “I’ve always felt sorry for the pain of others and the limitation of the movements it can cause, that’s why I dedicated myself to the spinal specialty”.

In his space, strategically located in the Bela Vista neighborhood in São Paulo, in addition to raising awareness about the health of the spine, the surgeon performs minimally invasive procedures involving high technology, such as Medullary Neurostimulation, which is the implantation of a “chip” for pain control and neurological function response; and Disc Arthroplasty, which is the exchange of diseased intervertebral discotheques for artificial ones, which allows you to ‘correct’ the curvature of the spine. “Arthroplasty prostheses integrate perfectly with the body and perform the same functions as a natural disc”, he observes.

The trajectory of dedication, which began in the 2000s disclosure, while still at the medical school, shows that Dr. André is on the right path. Since then, he has dedicated himself to continuing education to follow market trends and expand his knowledge. “Technology greatly facilitates care, as it brings possibilities to the patient that were previously unthinkable, with great results”.

In the final stages of becoming a Master of Public Health at the University of Limerick (Ireland) and about to release a book with the secrets of his personal and professional success, Dr. André Evaristo reflected: “knowledge is good that it must be shared, anyone with dedication, commitment and discipline can achieve success and help others”.

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