Dimensione Cidadania: A pioneer and specialized company in Italian citizenship through the courts offers descendants of Italians a safe and agile way to recognize themselves

Fabio Carlo Fasoli, Carola Fasoli, Gisele Fasoli, Raquel Fasoli e Catia de Sousa Lemes

Dimensione Cidadania promotes the integration between Italy and its descendants spread around the world, asserting the right of each one of them. Its founders, Fabio Fasoli and Cátia Lemes have been working in the Italian citizenship segment for almost two decades and have already helped hundreds of Brazilians to achieve the long-awaited Italian recognition.

Fabio began his career in matters related to Italian citizenship in 2002, as an ad hoc translator at the Italian Consulate in Belo Horizonte (MG). A little later, in 2011, it sealed a successful partnership with a law firm in Italy, as a way of providing solutions to descendants seeking recognition, including recognition of citizenship for the maternal line before 1948. From then on, it also started to count on the collaboration of Cátia Lemes, coordinating all the assembly and analysis of the documentation for these processes.

Over the years, Dimensione has become more and more specialized in matters relating to citizenship through the courts, and since then hundreds of cases have been accepted. This history also says a lot about the transparency of processes, agility in communicating with customers and aims to always meet their mission, which is to offer Italian descendants a safe and quick way to recognize themselves. Without queues, without leaving the country, with a closing deadline and a qualified team, ready to help you conquer your Italian citizenship.

“We are aware that Brazil is the country with the largest community of descendants of Italians outside Italy. According to Fondazione Migrantes, which organizes Rapporto Italiani nel Mondo, there are about 30 million Brazilians with the right to seek their Italian recognition. Therefore, our main focus is to assist the largest number of Brazilians to obtain their registration with AIRE from their place of residence and to be able to move through Europe with all the rights and duties of a local citizen”, stresses Fabio Fasoli.

The judicial process is a legal process of claiming recognition of descendants of Italian, since the constitution of Italy provides that it is the right of every Italian to seek recognition (regardless of where they were born), just having proof of blood link. This process has a deadline for completion of an average of 730 days.



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