Colégio Rosário Curitiba: Education and Good Stories for Everyone

Following a history of more than 62 years dedicated to education, Colégio Rosário Curitiba cultivates the seeds planted by its founder, Mother Marie-Anastasie.

Since 1958, Rosário Curitiba’s educational work has served children and young people from kindergarten to high school and has solid roots that are sustained by academic excellence and the exercise of solidarity, dialogue, and peace.

The history of Rosário began to be written even earlier, in 1850, when Mother Marie-Anastasie founded the Congregação de Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Monteils, in France. Recently, 170 years of this history were celebrated, which was strengthened in 1875 with the insertion of the congregation in the Dominican Order.

Currently, the Congregação Nossa Senhora do Rosário is present in seven countries: Brazil, France, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Paraguay, and Korea.

“We invest in a welcoming and innovative school environment, promoting a transformative Dominican-Anastasian education that integrates the spiritual, social and cultural being, capable of leading its history actively in a world in constant change” – says the director Miriam Gulin.

One of the differentials of Rosário Curitiba is the work developed by Pastoral Escolar. The always open doors invite students to share their experiences, dreams, desires, and, based on these reflections, to build their life project. Pastoral actions go beyond religiosity. Projects related to spirituality, human formation, community life, and solidarity practices are part of everyday life at school, in camps, in hospitals, and in charities. The work of Pastoral Escolar is aligned and designed with the pedagogical coordination and the school board.

Another differential is the extended period service, which offers diversified activities with a focus on curriculum enrichment and study habits. Families have the possibility to make the student’s stay at the school more flexible and they can choose how many days a week the student will spend an extra period at the school. In this way, the budget adjusts to the needs of each family.

“By increasing the student’s time in school, we have the opportunity to expand social, personal, and academic training, helping to develop their autonomy and leadership”, says Miriam.

Rosário is located in a quiet residential region of Curitiba, with easy access and a structure of more than 8 thousand m² was designed to welcome children and young people favoring creative and innovative curricular and extracurricular experiences.

This structure is monitored on all floors, courts, and gates, and the Operation-school service is offered, with the convenience of those responsible for accessing the backs and picking up students at the gates, without having to leave the car. And this year, one of the most anticipated works by the school community is completed: an internal drive that will facilitate the access of vehicles to the internal part of the school, with security and control of monitors.

“More than enjoying the structure of a reference school in Curitiba, studying at Rosário means traveling the path in which human formation is intertwined with academic and they combine thinking, feeling, knowing and doing for a full life and with good stories for everyone ”- complements the director.


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