Clínica Vida Nova completes a decade dedicated to health in all specialties

Dr. Sérgio Gomes - Director

Clínica Vida Nova has just turned 10 years old, showing significant growth and standing out in a market where every day more medical clinics open, more doctors graduate and compete for the same niche.

With a commitment and aim to serve in the first place containing various specialties, Clínica Vida Nova establishes itself as the most complete, awarded, and honored one in Belo Horizonte (MG), serving the metropolitan region with 72 qualified doctors, trained and prepared to welcome their patients.

“Today we are a reference in spine treatment and bariatric surgery, with renowned doctors and a great reference in hospitals and clinical centers. We serve around 600 patients a day, something around 14,000 per month, carrying out various tests within our unit, which facilitates and optimizes the demand of our patients ”, highlights Sérgio Gomes, Director.

At Clínica Vida Nova the big news is that health receives an expanded look. Proof of this is the recently opened – Espaço Vida Nova – which seeks to take care of the health of the body, offering therapeutic and relaxing massages, facial and body treatments, which collaborate with the aesthetics, well-being, and self-esteem of its patients.


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