Clínica Maximune: Innovation for the Application of Vaccines

Manuella Remigi

Maximune is a clinic specialized in human vaccination that provides services in the health area for individuals and companies. Founded in 2017, it proposes to offer a new experience in the sector through its trademark: humanized, special, and well-personalized service, a great differential.

It is public knowledge the fear that many people develop when undergoing vaccination. Focused on breaking this paradigm, the team has specific equipment and training in application techniques that can minimize the discomfort of the vaccination gesture. “We cherish the constant care for the chain that involves immunization at all times, taking into account the zeal in the storage of immunobiological (cold chain), extending to post-vaccination care. There is much to achieve, many children to nurture, many families to welcome”, says Manuella Duarte, Director of the Maximune Group.

Maximune offers:

Corporate service

Vaccine plans

Foot test

Home care

Issuance of the International Vaccination Certificate.

At the helm of Maximune, the pharmaceutical Manuella Duarte has obtained great results with its dedication, in addition to great growth in quality due to its professionalism, hard work, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of families, which motivates her. Opening up a market that she didn’t know, finding professionals in line with the company’s policy, and, above all, winning the trust of doctors and customers was one of her obstacles.

For the director, employing people and making a difference in their lives is what has made her very happy and fulfilled. Knowing that all the clinic’s work is being recognized in the market brings motivation to remain firm in the initial purpose and to innovate more and more without losing the essence. In 2021, the Clínica Maximune will begin certification to ISO 9001.

“A mother is born, pain is born. Vaccines save lives daily. They are indispensable but cause discomfort when applied. Every family goes through this period where children are vaccinated monthly. As a health professional, I chose to deal with the “good” area of ​​health: prevention. Saving lives through a little prick delights me! The desire to make a difference in the vaccination market is what motivated me. I noticed that people often failed to get vaccinated out of fear. The children were also afraid and cried a lot. With a humanized and special service, we were able to attend with much attention and affection to all who seek us, reducing the traumatic impacts of the injection”, concludes Manuella Duarte.


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