João Paulo Sad

The story we are about to tell is confused with that of millions of Brazilians who never give up, who grow and mature in stormy times and, strengthened in their faith, do not let themselves be put down and smile at life, grateful for the teachings acquired and the chance to start again at each dawn.

João Paulo Rocha Sad and Liliane Heringer Sad are among these strong, hard-working people and, among so many attributes, have also discovered themselves as entrepreneurs.

Together, they run one of the largest English course schools in the world, British and American, located in the city of Sorocaba, in a structure of 1,600 square meters and with 53 employees. The growth of the business is guided by quality and innovation since its foundation, with a differentiated teaching method, focused on the immersion of the student in real life events such as gastronomy, games, ballads, tastings, sports, among others.

Such excellence has earned JG Ensino de Idiomas Ltda, from 2015 to 2019, all the awards of the franchise: best pedagogical, administrative and commercial team, in addition to the rate of 92.8% of student satisfaction. No wonder the school closes the year with The Winner Awards New York 2019, awarded by International Business Magazine.

“Our school does not only market an English course, we work hard and with love as agents of transformation in people’s lives, giving them autonomy and freedom”, the founders stress.

Proud and accomplished with the happy trajectory of the enterprise, the founders of British and American Sorocaba do not let themselves be carried away by the dazzle that success attracts, on the contrary, they recognize its origins, dedication and, especially, the insurmountable moments of pain, to which they attribute a rebirth, the meeting with faith, in the certainty that God has the answers for all actions. For this reason, their journey is an open book, which begins there in Ipatinga, a city in the countryside of Minas Gerais, where the couple met and started to trace their plans, which included moving to Sorocaba (SP). The idea was to go in search of better job opportunities and a prosperous future for their son João Gabriel, who had just been born. Everything seemed to be going according to plan by the pharmacy security, events promoter and salesman, and by the telemarketing attendant and receptionist, both with high school diplomas. João, who is hearing impaired, went to the front, left for the new city to settle and organize the address for the arrival of his wife and son, but a tragedy shook the family and put in check their beliefs, will to live and all projects. At four months of age, the boy was attacked by a pitbull dog and could not resist. Shaken and unstructured, João and Liliane had the essential support of the family and little by little they began to rise again. The arrival of his son Danilo in 2012 reawakened the taste for life and marked the beginning of the rise of British and American Sorocaba, followed by Helena, born in 2015, and crowning the family with the birth of Caio in September 2019. The children arrived to strengthen the bonds of partnership and give meaning to everything they have always believed in, they are the fuel for love and hope. According to the couple, the children’s factory has closed its activities, but the school will continue to grow, they are already planning to open units outside the country.

João Paulo Sad e Liliane Heringer Sad

Our entrepreneurs prove that they are successful personally and professionally, their history is an inspiration so that no one gives up dreaming and going after what they want. Their humble origins, physical limitations, moments of darkness and little schooling were not a hindrance for them to continue to undertake. With work, commitment and appreciation for the family, they leave us a beautiful lesson, that, yes, it is possible.