Aignep: Leader in the production of valves, connections, and cylinders

In Brazil since 2013, Aignep is a company of the Bugatti Group, born in 1923 and with companies in various sectors: equipment for domestic use (Casa Bugatti), lighting products (Landa), transfers, machining centers, and machines for production (Picchi) and fluid power segment (Aignep).

Aignep was born in 1976 in Bione (province of Brescia) as a supplier of thermo-sanitary connections for the industrial district of the region, specializing in taps and valves.

Due to the philosophy of focus on quality and respect for customers, the Aignep brand quickly created a strong market identity and started to create a strong product line in the first years of operation. Aignep quickly grew in the fittings market and later expanded its product line to the pneumatic and fluid automation segments, becoming one of the main players in this market.

Quality products, investments in innovation, and customer-oriented service are the pillars of Aignep: all products are made in the Italian factory and from there they are distributed all over the world. The only exception is with some items from the North American market that must meet regional regulations and standards. These are customized at Aignep-USA, with components shipped from headquarters.

Aignep is present in more than 100 countries thanks to a strong network of distributors and 10 Aignep subsidiaries: USA, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Colombia, China, Russia, Germany, and Singapore. This qualified commercial network allows for a greater proximity to customers and helps to understand regional particularities and capture information to develop new products.

Aignep’s internationalization is also manifested through its website and all available technical documentation, always translated into six languages.

A complete range of products

Aignep has 5 main product divisions: fittings, quick couplers, industrial automation, for fluid control (Fluidity series), and networks for compressed air distribution (Infinity series).

The Aignep product line is designed to meet the most varied industrial applications: pneumatic automation, fluid distribution, air networks, and the most rigorous industrial processes, with products in 316L stainless steel or brass with food special alloys. Not to mention customized solutions, where Aignep supports its customers from project conception to final construction, showing a strong and consistent partnership.

Skills and innovation

The heart of Aignep products is the continuous innovation, the technological competence of its team, and its presence in an Italian industrial district that is one of the most advanced in Europe. At Bione’s headquarters, a technical area is entirely dedicated to the study of new products. Next to this, there is a department that controls and tests prototypes and developed solutions. To demonstrate the direction and focus on innovation, Aignep has numerous patents, which protect products, work processes, or assembly of items.

Quality also in service

Thanks to its fully automated inventory, located at the headquarters in Bione, and a computerized system that connects headquarters and subsidiaries providing real-time information, Aignep can ship products to any part of the world in a short time.

With the AignepScan mobile app, distributors and customers can optimize inventory management and send orders simply by scanning the QR code or barcode directly from packaging or pre-printed labels, which can be obtained from the Aignep website.

Supported by this investment philosophy, dedication to customers, high quality, and strong partnerships, Aignep grows more each year, providing the market with a line of products that unites state-of-the-art technology, Italian design, and durability.

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